Kaloor Sports Apk | Download & Get ₹101 | New Rummy App

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Kaloor Sports Apk, Kaloor Sports App, New Kaloor Sports App Download

Kaloor Sports Apk | Download & Get ₹101 | New Rummy App
Kaloor Sports Apk | Download & Get ₹101 | New Rummy App

Kaloor Sports Apk: Hello New Rummy App reader’s here i am back with one more online gaming application with very high signup bonus which is ₹101 and that can be used to participate and play games as well within the app. You can also use high rewarding Teen Patti Slots Apk to make money online.

Dear Friends, you can make real money by using the Kaloor Sports Apk or i can say website as well because this app has so many games that will make you earn money and also the referral program is available there. You may also know about the Rummy Modern Apk which is really good to earn without investment and Teen Patti Joy is one of the oldest and best rummy app among all.

Gaming Categories Available In Kaloor Sports Apk

There are many categories available in the Kaloor Sports Apk and you can choose your favorite among all of them. The list is given below:

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  1. Hot
  2. Sports
  3. Live
  4. Cards
  5. Slots
  6. Fishing

How To Create Account & Get Signup Bonus ₹101

Dear Money Earners, To get the registration bonus you must have to follow the instructions given below because you may miss the opportunity to get that much of signup bonus.

1. Click the link below and visit the registration page.

2. Enter Username, Password, Mobile number & click Register.

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3. You are now logged in.

4. Now click on the Event option below.

5. Collect ₹10 & get extra ₹91 buy binding mobile number, SMS Verification and by downloading the app login for the first time.

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6. Once you complete all the steps given above you will get the total ₹101 bonus in your application wallet.

Kaloor Sports Apk: Refer and Earn Program

The refer and earn program can make you earn unlimited money and this can also help you to make money online without any kind of investment.

You can invite many people using the referral link and that also do not require any referral code just share your Kaloor Sports Referral link with friends.

For Example:

In this website the agent bonus is calculate by wagers. For example, the wagers are 10-200,000, then the corresponding bonus rate will be 30/10,000, and if wagers over 3000,000, the agent bonus is 30/10,000. A is the agent of the website, he recruits B1, B2 and B3 be his agents and B1 also recruits C1 and C2 be his agents. B2 has no agents and B3 only one agent C3.

After a few days, B1’s valid bets are 120,000, B2’s valid bets are 40,000, and B3’s valid bets are 20,000. C1’s valid bets are 100,000, C2’s valid bets are 30,000 and C3’s valid bets are 3000,000, therefore, B1’s total performance is C1+C2=130,000, and agent bonus rate is 30/10000. B2 has no agents, so B2’s total performance is 0. B3’s total performance is C3 – 3000,000, so the bonus rate is 30/10,000. A’s total performance from direct team is 180,000+Sub agent 3130,000=3310,000, so the bonus rate is 30/10,000.

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So their bonus calculate show as follow:

1. Direct Team: refers to the members of vertical development, which are collectively called direct team.

(1) B1, B2, B3 Contribute to A: (120,000+40,000+20,000)x30/10,000=540.

(2) C1 and C2 Contribute to B1:(100,000+30,000)x30/10,000=390.

(3) C3 Contributes to B3: 3 million x 30/10,000=9000.

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How To Refer and Earn Step by Step Guide

  1. Open the Kaloor Apk/Website.
  2. Click on the menu.
  3. Choose Agent option.
  4. Now click My Referral.
  5. You will see your referral link on this page.
  6. Copy the Kaloor Sports Referral link and share with friends.

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